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100+AI-Midjourney Prompts to Copy, Paste & Scale


From the Desk of Kamuel

If you are in the low-content business, you would probably face challenges in designing, crafting, and formatting the low-content stuff like coloring pages, Mandalas right? but those countless hours didn’t guarantee you a fortune. Some of the common concerns and headaches that people face when creating low-content items include

  • Lack of creativity: Many people struggle to come up with unique and creative designs that appeal to their target audience.

  • Technical skills: Creating high-quality designs often requires advanced skills in software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, which can be difficult to learn and master.

  • Time-consuming: Creating low-content items can be a time-consuming process that requires hours of work and attention to detail.


The Usual Methods of Generating Low Content is Not the Solution Either

while Many people are aware of the AI solutions like Midjourney, where the user can design or craft low content using strings of text known as prompts but do not know how to get the most out of it or use it with full potential results in mediocre or ordinary output that are unfit to upload or you need to retouch it again from scratch or hire a designer for retouching.

The Truth Is, There's a Better Way.

The  100 AI Midjourney Prompts is the answer to your questions!

With the package, you will be able to draw stunning low-content stuff like coloring pages, stickers, etc. with a blink of an eye, and above all, it would be unique and ready to publish.

just copy and paste and modify with parameters according to your need.

But What Makes the 100 AI Midjourney Prompts So Special?

Unlike other content creation tools that rely on generic templates and formulaic approaches, these prompts offer a wide range of styles and tones.

You’ll learn how to add expressions, outlines, backgrounds, styles, etc in just minutes, without the headache of creative block, struggling for hours, or the expense of hiring a professional.

whether you are a seasoned publisher, a beginner, or an expert any other who wants to deep dive into AI results than AI Midjourney is for you

What Exactly Can You do With These Prompts?

The Answer is: Anything You Want

Here are just a few of the many ways you can use the 100 AI Midjourney Prompts:

  1. Craft or Design a Coloring page in different styles like grayscale, outlined with tons of customization features all with copy and paste
  2. Create a Jaw-Dropping sticker in a blink of an eye. add styles, color choices, and backgrounds
  3. Create Unlimited Mandalas with our secret sauce. The Prompts, are hard to match anywhere in the market
  4. Eliminate the grind of testing prompts! these lines or prompts are tested with the highest quality
  5. Design clipart for Book illustrations in different styles, possess. Alone with these prompts, you can rack up plenty of profits from marketplaces like Etsy, Redbubble etc

Still Skeptical! Look What 100 AI Midjourney Prompts Can Do For You


Draw a coloring page of [subject], perfect eye, Grayscale shades, Holding [Item], [Position], Background, [Item][Item], High Resolution


Draw a coloring page of Cute panda, perfect eye, Grayscale shades, Holding bamboo stick, sitting on leaves, background, bamboo leaves, small and medium, high resolution


Draw a coloring page of [subject], facing [position], Black and white line, [Background], [Item], [Item], [Item], Highly Detailed. 


Draw a coloring page of monster truck, facing left, black and white line, dead valley, bumpy road, sunset, highly detailed

The above mention prompts are just scratching the surface, with advanced formulas and prompts, you can literally design any sort of coloring page

With AI Mid Journey Prompts, You will get Formulas + Prompts

Copy & Paste


Character design sheet [subject], book illustration, [color], multiple possess, [emotion], [feel], [item], [style], clipart


Character design sheet Afro kid, books illustration, brown, multiple possess, sad, staring, big boots, loose shirt, alone wander, age 4, clipart

Not that all, these prompts give you loose ends, meaning you can add your own twist to create unlimited combinations of coloring pages, clipart, knolling art, consistent story characters, stickers, watercolor styles, line art, and much more.

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